MED-TEX Silica Awareness (101)

Class Description

  • must be clean shaven
  • limit of 16 seats available for the class

This is a combination silica awareness class as well as fit and physical fitness testing for half and full-face respirators.

The class will begin with a presentation on the hazards of silica in the work place and how to mitigate them. This will include things such as what is silica, what are the health hazards, ways to engineer silica out of some of the job duties that we perform on a regular basis. We will also cover donning and doffing of the respirators and how to care for them. After the presentation we will begin fit testing of the respirators and that you are physically healthy enough to use them safely. The Silica part of the class is the first 3 hours. If you are a Floor Layer, the second half of the class is free. If you are not a Floor Layer and would like to attend the second half of the class for the PFT, Fit Test and Half Face Respirator the following explains the cost from Med-Tex Services:

Pulmonary Function Test $75.00 (Pass or Fail)
Half Face Fit Test $35.00
Advantage 200 ½ face Respirator $15.00
Pl00 Cartridges (one set) $15.00
Total $140.00 per student

If you are interested in the 2nd part of the class, the Respiratory Fit & Pulmonary Testing, and you are NOT a Floor Layer please call or email Barb at 215-824-2300/

This certification and fit test expire one year from date of testing.

Equipment Required

Members attending training must provide their own safety shoes, safety goggles, gloves, ear protection and hard hats. Failure to provide your own safety equipment may result in your being dropped from a particular training session.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance at the first training session is mandatory. 100% attendance is required for all courses that issue Certificates or Qualifications and Apprentice mandatory training. Please be on time! Late arrivals (and early departures) are disruptive to instructors and participants. Poor attendance / disruptive behavior will result in your being dropped from a particular training session.

Cancellation Policy

To maximize the effectiveness of our training sessions, we limit the number of attendees. If you are registered for a specific training and need to cancel, please notify us five (5) business days before the start of scheduled training. Failure to notify us of cancellation may result in your being denied registration for future training. We reserve the right to cancel any course - with two (2) business days’ notice - for which there is an insufficient number of registered attendees. Registrants may then enroll in the next available offering of the course, or cancel the registration.

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